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Synergy Partner Yoga Workshop



Breathing Dragon Yoga is Honored to Present to You


Led by Francisco Morales-Bermudez,

Co Director of Synergy Yoga,

Co creator of Acro Yoga & Thai Bodyworker.

  • An overview of the history of Thai massage including a review of ancient documents and drawings by monks who created the system

  • Accessing the “sen” or energy lines

  • Massage techniques & assisted stretches

  • Breath work and meditation for sustainability and endurance while facilitating bodywork

  • Self-care techniques
  • A training manual that contains the sequence and overview of the history and methodology

  • Francisco’s 1 hour Thai Yoga Bodywork video

Synergy Partner Yoga is a healing art form that fine tunes and strengthens the human body and spirit through playfulness, Thai massage, dynamic body conditioning, and therapeutic partner yoga.

This workshop will give you a thorough introduction to Thai massage core strengthening, partner stretching, and flying technique.


Francisco Morales-Bermúdez, is a healing artist from Lima, Peru. The ocean and mountains of his home country remain profound sources of inspiration for Francisco.

Over the years, he has studied with several master healers and martial artists in various regions including South America; USA: Asia; Africa; Europe and New Zealand.

For years, Francisco studied with the renowned yoga teacher, Dharma Mittra, assisting with trainings and workshops. Dharma’s philosophy of creativity; grace; and yoga as a tool for spiritual development has deeply influenced Francisco’s pedagogy.

Francisco’s exploration of healing arts led him to the practice of Thai massage and its principal of metta (love and kindness). Under the guidance of master teacher, Kam Thye Chow, Francisco mastered the art of Thai massage.

During his teacher’s passing, Francisco was chosen to carry the practice forward in the form of teacher trainings. In the early 2000’s, Francisco and a group of yogis and circus artists formed the practice which came to be known as Acro Yoga.

Francisco’s exploration of the convergence of Thai massage, yoga, and anatomy and physiology greatly influenced the techniques that are used in the practice today.

As the founder and Co-Director of Synergy Yoga, Francisco shares his teaching with international audiences through teacher trainings, retreats and wellness festivals throughout the world.

Wim Hof Method WORKSHOP

Mastery of the COLD

Cherry Hill, NJ
6pm - 1


Montgomery, NJ
11:30 am - 3:30 pm


Doylestown, PA
11:30 am - 4:30 pm


*EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (Through April 26th, But Hurry! This Always Sells Out With a Limited Number of Spots Available)

One of the BEST & MOST FAVORITE of workshops we have offered in the nine years at the BDY studios!

In Breathing Dragon Yoga’s Workshop with Ignite Sadhana,
You will be led by two
Wim Hof Certified Instructors,
Peter and Jason.

In this four hour workshop, Peter & Jason will start by introducing and teaching the theory, science, and three pillars of the Wim Hof Method. Next, they will lead you through Wim Hof Method Breathwork, tapping into the deep, autonomic regions of the brain and optimize the immune system. Finally, the group will enter into the cold exposure portion of the workshop where they will enter into an ice bath for up to 2 – 10 minutes.

Upon a slow entry up to your neck, you will begin taking control of your stress response by controlling your breath and maintaining focus until a calm mind is achieved.

After carefully exiting the ice bath participants use movement and focused attention to naturally warm their bodies up and ignite dormant human capabilities!

Your Guides - Jason & Peter

Jason Muscavage is a 200hr RYT yoga instructor, Wim Hof Method Instructor, and has worked in logistics for the Department of Defense for over the past 10 years. Jason has found a deeper connection with his mind and body through the Wim Hof Method as a way to stay healthy and control anxiety. He is excited to share how the benefits of a strong breath practice and cold exposure, combine with a focused mindset help to improve immunity, decrease inflammation, strengthen circulatory system as well as increase energy and focus!

Peter Reyes is a 200hr RYT yoga instructor and Wim Hof Method instructor. When he first discovered the Wim Hof Method, like many others, he was looking for something; a spark, an idea, an image to follow. He had no idea of the profound ripple effects it would have on his life. Without any prior practice, he found himself in Przesieka, Poland amongst a tribe of soul searchers from different corners of the globe. He soon realized we all have deep, untapped potential waiting to be unleashed! He has been practicing the Wim Hof Method since and has used the method to enhance the mind, body, and spiritual connection. In turn, that energy has begun to expand outward to the many corners of his life. The need to spread that energy, tribal mentality, HUMAN UNLEASHED, that fire, is what has led him to teach the method as a solution to trauma, disease, and the modern human condition.

New Moon Salt Bowl Ceremony

Cherry Hill, NJ
7pm - 9pm

Join Kelly Whitaker, as we will unite in a women’s circle for a Salt Bowl ceremony to honor the upcoming New Moon + New Year.  Let us gather to release all the energetic debris that arrived in our lives throughout 2022.
If feeling called to create a softer existence in this world and a softer existence withIN your life, we invite you to this beautiful evening of self-work steeped in loving intentions from all those who participate.
Allow your soul permission to be vulnerable, to shed any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from connecting to your true SELF. Collectively we shall set intentions, desires, and manifestations as we welcome in the New Year.
We connect to remind you of your Divine connection to your own femininity. There you shall find the softness of the energy that shall carry you through these next 12 months.
What needs to be healed so you can put forth energy on manifesting a peaceful life? What is it that you desire to birth and create as we move forward?
You are the creator of your life.
You are the narrator.
This is YOUR story.
Re-read it or REWRITE it.
You have the power to choose as the past is over. Your future is NOW.
Say YES to yourself and take an evening to exit from any intensity or noise that the outside world may present. Detach from the Ego & connect with others in a sacred space as we shed the mask to unveil who we really are.
Upon closing of the ceremony, you will receive a Mason jar of the sacred salts that we shall co-create. Upon soaking in these, may you be reminded of our energetic exchange from this special evening. All materials will be provided.
The new moon phase is a more introspective time and represents new beginnings as we plant seeds for the future. It’s a great time to set clear intentions for the month ahead, clarify your goals, start new projects, and acknowledge your growth since the previous new moon.
We Hope to See You for
This Magical Experience!

Your Guide - Kelly Whitaker

Kelly Whitaker @kelly.k.whitaker is a local NJ resident and mama to 3 beautiful lightbeams. She is a Certified Mindfulness and Belief Clearing Practitioner.

She offers Soul Empowerment and Conscious coaching for women/children and parents. Kelly has been a circle facilitator for the past 8+ years hosting Full Moon + Ceremonial offerings within the Philadelphia region. She is also the Creatrix of Philadelphia Moon Mamas on Facebook.

To learn more about what she offers simply visit her website:

The New Moon is a potent time to set intentions. This gathering is performed in a circle to honor the Divine Feminine, to set intentions and feed energy to our spoken words.

Using Epsom salts which are known to clear the energetic body each participant adds oils, dried flowers & herbs to infuse the salts.